I’m sure that neither you or anybody in your company just stands around waiting. So, why is Waiting on this list? Well, think about the last time you couldn’t find something. Of course, you looked for it. Maybe you found it quickly, or maybe it took a really long time. Maybe you had to ask someone- “Hey, have you seen the…..?” Maybe they stopped to help you look. All that time, you needed that tool, file, quote, paperwork, etc. you weren’t doing what you planned to. You were Waiting. That’s what happens when you can’t find what you need. It might feel like a whole lot of work, but it isn’t getting you any closer to getting your work done.

Of course, it isn’t just when you or your coworkers can’t find something that you end up waiting. We wait for things that are supposed to come to us from someone else. Maybe it’s the material you need for the next job you quoted or some information you need to finish a design. People wait in their jobs every day. And every day, they’ll find something else to do in the meantime. What they do instead might be perfectly productive, but there is already some job started that is going to take longer because of waiting. More time means it costs more money, and time spent waiting really adds up.

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