Excessive Processing

Some things are just more complicated than they need to be. I see this every time I go to the doctor’s office. When I arrive (on time…) I’m immediately handed forms to fill out. I get a nice clipboard, with a pen and a photocopied form. They ask for my name (which they know), my address (which hasn’t changed), and for lots and lots of information about my health. Each time I go, I fill out the same information, in the same way, and hand the paper, clipboard, and pen back to the person who gave them to me. I’m pretty sure that they now have to type that into a computer at some point, which I would have been happy to do sometime before I arrived in a waiting room full of sick people, using the same pen as a sick person before me.

Sometimes, excessive processing isn’t obvious, though. The process you use in your own business may seem just fine. Each step might be one that appears completely necessary, or quick and easy. But what if you could take out some of those steps? If you can take steps out of a process you do over and over again, you save a little each time.

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